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A bit of a background.  My name is Andy and I live in Auckland with my wife and two kids and loads of dogs!

We've been running a dog minding organisation called Guardians Dog Minding for the last 10 years helping loads of dogs find loving homes while their owners are overseas -  in fact we've placed over 10,000 dogs into holiday homes.

Our reason for the creation of Bow Wow Box came from the numerous conversations we have had over the years with kiwi dog-owners about care for their dogs and what's best for them, the conversation often turns to the food and treats they receive.  We know and understand there is a real disconnect between what we are led to believe from the packets' information and what is really in the treats.

Our goal is to provide healthy, nutritious treats to our Bow Wow Box dogs as well as to provide additional information for you so you can make informed decisions about the treats your dog receives.

We hope you enjoy your Bow Wow Box just as much as we enjoy hunting down those exceptional treats and toys!


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